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About Boxers and Buddies

Boxer Rescue is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005. Our parent organization, Boxer Rescue LA, was founded out of love and fierce determination by Ursula Sauthier in 1977. Today, Boxers and Buddies provides a safe, humane sanctuary for abandoned Boxers who are waiting to be adopted.

B&B is funded solely by private donation. Our entire organization is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. Our group works for the love of the breed and to see dogs find homes. Our available dogs come from local shelters, from the streets or from owners who turn them in. We are always filled to capacity with scared, confused and very stressed out dogs. They are with us because B&B is their last hope of finding a new life. We are their temporary haven until they are adopted into a loving permanent home. Before they can be adopted, each dog is evaluated for temperament, must be sterilized, microchipped and their shots are updated. B&B has a training program for those dogs who need rehabilitation or have behaviors which need to be modified. B&B stands apart from other rescues by rescuing any Boxer, regardless of age or health. We feel that they are all worthy of a real chance at life. This policy means that we are subject to frequent and expensive veterinarian costs. Medical expenses are only one of the major cost B&B has to pay each year. The cost are endless: food, mortgage, utilities, insurance, shelter fee, and the costs go on and on. Saving lives is not cheap but someone has to do it!

It takes over $250,000 each year to keep B&B open. We are constantly seeking funds and support. We need your help. We depend on our donors and our volunteers to keep B&B open to any Boxer in need. We appreciate your compassion by including a rescue Boxer into your life. Please spread the word and continue to support our efforts.

About Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Sarah, Twist, Mischief and Havoc

Trainer: Sarah Anderson, CPDT

Sarah is a certified professional dog trainer. She has been working with dogs for over 20 years and has been training them professionally for ten. A certified trainer for the American Kennel Club as well as a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Sarah teaches five to seven group obedience classes a week, including puppy classes, advanced obedience with a focus on the Fun and Games, Canine Good Citizen Test, trick training, flyball, agility, pet first aid and specialty classes for deaf dogs.

Sarah owns Dogz Inc, a dog daycare, boarding and training facility, and is the director of Boxers and Buddies, Nevada’s Boxer Rescue.

She lives and trains in Northern Nevada with her three rescue dogs, Twist, a deaf white boxer, Mischief, a deaf white Great Dane, and Havoc, a seal brindle Boxer.

Sarah has had many opportunities to do what she loves, train dogs and teach other people how to nurture and improve the bond between themselves and their pets.

There are currently 8 Adoptable Dogs with Boxers and Buddies.