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Ziggy, 3 yr old male Great Dane

Ziggy is a purebred male Great Dane. Unfortunately, Ziggy’s owner had some health issues and was forced to give Ziggy to rescue. Like most Danes, Ziggy is a gentle giant. He love to be petted and is very well mannered. Ziggy gets along well with other dogs and cats. He knows to stay off the…

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Maz, 4 yr old female boxer

Say hello to Maz. A 4 year old female, Maz is a little older, a little wiser, a little calmer. Maz is brand new to the Boxers and Buddies galaxy so we’re still getting to know her. We know that she loves people and is housebroken. But we haven’t had a chance to test her…

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Rey, 1 yer old female Boxer

Meet Rey! This 1 year old female boxer just wants to PLAY! She’s just a kid and needs an active family that will commit to training and helping her learn some manners! Rey loves everyone, but her energy may be too much for small or senior dogs or small children not used to bouncy boxers….

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Bagheera, 4 yr old female boxer

This is Bagheera. We think she is Mowgli’s sister. These poor dogs were found alone – abandoned on the side of the freeway in the desert in rural Nevada – left to starve. Dirty, scared and alone, Bagheera is ecstatic to finally be saved. She is sweet and friendly and ready to meet her new family….

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Mowgli, 4 yr old male boxer

  This is Mowgli. Mowgli’s body shows the neglect he has suffered, wounds and pressure sores cover him. Proof he wasn’t loved or cared for. The sad part is, you would never know it from his personality! Mowgli LOVES people. He is excited to meet you and wants nothing more than the attention he was…

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Bettie, 3, Chi Mix

This is Bettie.  She was an owner surrender who was given up because her owner became ill.  She is sweet and playful, but will need some training to solidify her housetraining.  She gets along with dogs of all sizes, but would do best in a home with no small children. If you think that Bettie…

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Fred, Age 1

Say hello to Fred. Fred is a 1 year old white boxer. He is not deaf nor is he blind. He loves other dogs and is very playful and loving. He has NO manners and desperately needs obedience training. He’s learning house manners but would love a family that has time to dedicate to exercise,…

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Bam Bam

Bam Bam, 4 month old male doberman

When we first saw Bam Bam he was cowering in the back of his kennel at the shelter. No one could touch him. He would grab leashes and bite at them anytime someone tried to leash him. He would chew through the leash once it was on him. Animal control had a difficult time catching…

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Pebbles, 2 yr old Female Boxer

Pebbles was a happy family dog – a mom, a dad, 4 kids and lots of love – until her family moved. The new place didn’t allow boxers, so Pebbles was left in the shelter. Pebbles was terrified at the shelter. She wouldn’t make eye contact, her tail was tucked tight – her head was…

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