Boxers and Buddies

Happy Tails



“I want to believe in people.” What an amazing little spirit!  Sofia is a sweet and loving “Pocket Pibble.” Though full-grown she is young, with a puppy’s energy and enthusiasm, and a very waggly butt. This little sweetheart loves dog parks and charms people on her outings to PetCo and Home Depot, and is calm…

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I wanted to update you on Reno, who is now known as Jackson! He’s been the most wonderful little guy! Funny though, he loves people, but doesn’t like to be petted or cuddled, and I’m sure you know, he ducks away when anyone tries. With me though, he has been more receptive to contact. I’m…

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Ringo, now Oslo

Oslo, Ozzie for short, is gem. He is a very good traveler, we got in a little after midnight, had a last walk, showed him his bed and to sleep he went. Yesterday we were very busy meeting people and critters. So far so good. By the way, he very much approves of Brown Cow…

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We had family come over and Kim and I went out in the garage to get something and Kim’s sister was holding her. When we went outside she started pushing away from sandy and trying to get down. We think she was saying…I already have a family…I’m not looking! Anyway we really do love her…

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Force (now Fender)

Forse, now Fender and his new family for Christmas!

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Raisin (now Rascal)

Just wanted to send an updated picture of Rascal (raisin). He is full of personality!! He and Roxy are buds.

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Asker (now Aster)

Just an update on Aster: She has fit in beautifully with our pack. Zeus and Aster and inseparable even to the point of getting up in the middle of the night if one or the other gets up to pee or change beds. We pile into bed every night and Aster waits for her wave…

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Phil, now Sparky, living large


Thought you would like to see that Sparky has already been accepted as part of the family. He is such a wonderful dog. He sleeps out of the crate on my bed all night without a problem, loves to ride in the car, and is so affectionate. I couldn’t have found a better little companion….

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Bee Gee is Bopping Along in Her New Home

Hi Everyone, Here is a picture of Duke and Daisy enjoying the sunshine in the front yard on the unusually sunny day we had here on the coast. She’s been doing a lot better with her aggression, although we are still working on her social skills when she is on a leash. Sorry I couldn’t…

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