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A Medical / Special Need Dog



Webster’s story is a long one. We will update as often as we can to keep everyone abreast of his progress. You can also follow him on our Facebook page where there will be weekly updates.Shelter Info


We first heard about Webster on Monday, November 28th. One of our volunteer

s in Northern California spotted his intake photo. She messaged us and asked if we could rescue him.

We knew from his photo that he would need immediate and intensive help. We said “Of Course!!!”

He wasn’t available for release until Thursday, December 1st. Through the efforts of many volunteers, Webster was pulled from the shelter and transferred to another volunteer that transported him to ANOTHER volunteer that took him to Reno.

His first stop on getting to Reno was our vet. img_3777He was diagnosed with demodex mange, a yeast infection, an allergic reaction and neglect. He is at least 10 lbs underweight. He has scratched himself bloody in several areas. His

little tufts of hair that he has is falling out. And yet his little tail keeps wiggling.

His is put on several prescription medications, over the counter medications and holistic treatments.

December 2 – DAY 2:


Webster is obviously pretty uncomfortable. He is settling into his foster home and gets along well with the other 5 dogs he is staying with. He has obviously never been in a house before. He is scared of the TV and not housebroken.

He had his first skin treatment last night and it seemed to relieve some of the itchiness and redness. He has to wear a shirt to keep his skin from bleeding when he bumps into things or scratches himself. The shirt also rubs a little but seems to offer more protection than it rubs.

He is working on his housebreaking, eating well and is taking all of his meds.

Breed: Boxer Dogs: Yes
Age: 1 year Kids: Yes
Size: Large Cats: Unknown
Gender: Male Adoption Fee: $250