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Ike, 5 year old male Great Dane


Ike died last night. He was 5 years old. Can dogs die of a broken heart? I think Ike did. He waited 6 months for his furever home. No one was willing to take a chance on him.

Had he been adopted, it would be likely that he would still be alive. He died of gastric torsion. It can be caused by stress. Do you think waiting for his own home for 6 months could cause stress? Could cause a dog to die? I do.

I think he gave up. My heart hurts for Ike and all of the dogs like him – dogs that are dumped by their owners, saved by a rescue and no one is willing to take the time to see what the rescuers saw: A wonderful, amazing animal that deserved love and a home and a family and a place on a couch.

Rest in peace, Ike. I am sorry I couldn’t find you a family. I’m sorry I failed you. I love you but it wasn’t enough. I hope your story helps people to think when they walk past the older dog in the shelter or scroll past the dog waiting for adoption in rescue. You deserved better.



This is Ike. Pandora and her brother Ike were relinquished to a shelter when their owners moved. After a month of waiting for  someone to save them from the shelter, Boxers and Buddies was called.

They were so excited to jump in the truck and leave the shelter! As soon as they were out of their cages, they were different dogs! Ike is a happy, well socialized boy. He loves people and seems to do well with other dogs. At 5 years old, he is still energetic and playful but could benefit from some basic obedience and manners. He is housebroken and sweet. He has a lot of potential and just needs an adopter that can see what a big sweetie he is!

If you’re interested in meeting or adopting Ike, please fill out an application at

Ike, 5 year old male Great Dane

Ike, 5 year old male Great Dane

Breed: Great Dane Dogs: In time
Age: 5 years Kids: Yes
Size: Extra Large Cats: Maybe
Gender: Male Adoption Fee: $350