Boxers and Buddies


Toulouse, born 3/2/12, Male great dane/boxer

Toulouse was born March 2, 2012. He is a sweet, cuddly and energetic puppy. His mom was a purebred Boxer and his dad is a purebred Great Dane. This little guy is a result of what backyard breeders call and “accidental litter”. They didn’t mean to breed the dogs but didn’t spay or neuter them and didn’t keep them seperate when the Boxer came into heat. So now there are puppies. The “breeders” didn’t want to deal with mixed breed dogs that they couldn’t sell for $500 – $900 each. So here they are.

As cute as Toulouse and his siblings are, puppies take a LOT of work! We don’t want to discourage you, we just want to make sure you understand the commitment you’re making when you bring a puppy into your life. So before you fill out the adoption  application, think about this:

Toulouse’s mom was about 50 pounds, his dad about 130 pounds. These puppies will likely be between 80 and 100+ pounds full grown.

Puppies are a blank slate. They will do whatever you program them to do. If you DON’T train them to do anything, you may well have a 100+ pound dog that is out of control. If you’re not good with being consistent, if you’re not patient, if you are too busy, don’t have time, work long hours, don’t like walks, aren’t willing to socialize her, if you move frequently, aren’t responsible, or don’t have money for vet bills, maybe you should reconsider this whole “puppy” thing.

If you rent, you are able to adopt from us with a letter of permission from your landlord allowing you to have a “giant breed” dog in your rental. Keep in mind how difficult it may be to find another rental that allows a 100+ pound dog and make sure you plan accordingly. Moving is NOT an acceptable reason to give up your dog.

Toulouse has a good 10 to 12 years ahead of him. He doesn’t want to have more than one owner. Dogs are for life – all 12+ years of it. If you move, start a family, change jobs, get divorced, change work hours – none of it matters to Toulouse. Once you’re his family, the only thing that will matter to him is you. He won’t want a home with more room or a family that is home more – He will want to be with you.

If that sounds good, fill out that application – we have an adorable puppy waiting for a home…