Boxers and Buddies


Charley, 5 yr old male boxer

 Charley has a sad sad story. Here is a dog that is loved, treasured, spoiled and wonderful. Charley’s dad was living in a rental house that was sold out from under him. Unable to find a new home for himself and Charley, he put Charley up for adoption to give him a chance at a better life. 

Charley is sad without his family. He lived with a family of three: father, mother and son. He loves people and adores being petted. Charley needs a new family. He deserves a home. He is already housebroken. He doesn’t like being alone and he is scared at the boarding kennel. He wants a yard to play in and a couch to sleep on. Do you think your family has room for Charley?

Breed:  Boxer Dogs:  Yes
Age:  5 years Kids:  Yes
Size:  Large (60+)lbs Cats:  
Gender: Male Adoption Fee: $200