Boxers and Buddies


Treble, 2 year old female boxer

Treble is a sweet, hearing, white boxer. She is good with kids and other dogs and just a love. She was unspayed and, like many unspayed female dogs, experienced a prolapsed uturus that caused her family to turn her into an animal shelter rather than take the time to care for her medical condition.

Because she is now spayed, Treble will never again experience the medical condition that caused her to be turned into the shelter in the first place. Now happy, healthy and ready for her forever home, Treble is looking forward to a long life filled with a loving family. Could you be the family that makes Treble’s wishes come true?


Breed:  Boxer Dogs:  Yes
Age:  2 years Kids:  Yes
Size:  Large (60+)lbs Cats:  
Gender: Female Adoption Fee: $200