Boxers and Buddies


Snoops, lab/shepherd mix, born 3/6/12

Snoops is a sweet, 8 week old puppy. He is 1/2 labrador retriever and 1/2 german shepherd. Snoops is a result of owners that didn’t spay and neuter. He and his 6 brothers and sisters were turned into the rescue after the owners realized that weren’t goiung to “make money” off having puppies like they originally thought.

As cute as Snoops and his siblings are, puppies take a LOT of work!  Before you fill out the adoption  application, think about this:

Puppies are a blank slate. They will do whatever you program them to do. But if you’re not good with being consistent, if you’re not patient, if you are too busy, don’t have time, work long hours, don’t like walks, aren’t willing to socialize him, if you move frequently, aren’t responsible, or don’t have money for vet bills, maybe you should reconsider this whole “puppy” thing.

Snoops has a good 12 to 15 years ahead of him. He doesn’t want to have more than one owner. Dogs are for life – all 12+ years of it. If you move, start a family, change jobs, get divorced, change work hours – none of it matters to Snoops. Once you’re his family, the only thing that will matter to him is you. He won’t want a home with more room or a family that is home more – he will want you.

If that sounds good, fill out that application – we have an adorable puppy waiting for a home…