Boxers and Buddies


Pockets, 4 year old female boxer

My name is Pockets and I have been waiting for my fur ever home since 2009.

I am a 4 yr old female boxer. I am always happy but sometimes I get too excited meeting new friends and accidently scare them. I am a very special dog in many ways, but one of those ways is keeping me from having a home – I have the dog version of Autism. Similar to canine compulsive disorder, when I am nervous or excited, I spin in
circles to the left.

I don’t understand the concept of “strangers” and tend to run up to every living thing as if I have known them my entire
life. It takes me a little extra time to get comfortable in new situations and sometimes its harder for me to learn new things.  I sometimes get over stimulated when I am out and it makes people laugh at me more than love me or consider me for a companion. It’s really sad because when I am in my foster home I am mellow and sweet. I seem much more “normal”.

The humans that take time to know me, love me. I am playful, sweet, funny, house broken and love other dogs. If you think you might be willing to save a dog that REALLY needs a special person, please come meet me, Pockets, at

Breed:  Boxer Dogs: Yes
Age:  4 years Kids: Yes
Size:  Medium Cats: Maybe?
Gender:  Female Adoption Fee: $200