Boxers and Buddies


Autumn, 5 year old female bull terrier/beagle mix

Autumn came to Boxers and Buddies with 8 puppies she could not nurse because she had been ill and bred too young. There was a nice lady that rescued them from the shelter and spent a great deal of money on them to get them back in good health. Little puppies need to be fed every few hours and our director took the puppies home to bottle feed, wean and raise them and Autumn went to a different foster to recover her health. She was just under a year old.

She had a few potty training issues when she first entered her foster home but quickly was housebroken. She lived in harmony with 3 other female pit mixes, 2 boxer males and a mini poodle.

The foster home lost their house and was forced to move, and Autumn was relocated to a boarding facility.

Autumn is very calm, loving, likes her belly rubbed,  and would love a place to just hang out with her people. She likes the car but has to be seat belt secured in a seat – no crates or free roam (she has potty issues in the car otherwise) but she sits nicely in a seat. She likes toys and still needs bones to chew. She likes to pile all of her snuggles together in her crate and curl up with them for nap or night-night. Autumn is crate trained and uses her crate as a safe place to relax or have some time to herself.

Autumn loves to play so much that cats and small animals would NOT be safe companions for her. She is great with kids of all ages, but she is a mellow dog and would do better with older kids that would let her have some down and quiet time.  She is not a dog park dog, she is good walking on a leash, but pulls when she wants something.

Autumn LOVES to go on short sprints. She would be great for someone that lives a fairly active life, and likes brisk walks or short runs for about a half hour to an hour.

Please give this little girl a chance. She loves people and just wants a home to call her own.

Breed:  Bull Terrier Mix Dogs:  Yes
Age:  Adult Kids:  Yes
Size:  Medium Cats:  NO
Gender:  Female Adoption Fee:  negotible