Boxers and Buddies


Adonis, 7 year old male pit bull

Adonis is another wonderful dog that needs a home. We mostly call him Donny, or Donny Doggo. He is a 6 year old Hurricane Katrina rescue; such a wonderful dog, we don’t know what kind of dog he is but suspect a staffie mix.  He came to us from Best Friends Animal Rescue through their Hurricane Katrina rehabilitation program. Best Friends found trainers to come to rescue and rehabilitate these dogs – getting them used to people again as well as trained.

Not long after completing his training, Donny was adopted out. After 4 years and some unforeseen circumstances, his owners were forced to return him. This is what they said about Donny: “Donnie Doggo has had a very challenging life. He was a very young dog in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina struck, leaving him homeless. Rescued by volunteers, he was put on a bus and ended up at a shelter in Las Vegas. Not the most friendly place, they used to hose out his cage with a fire hose while he was still in it (he is still afraid of the hose to this day), he was fortunate to be rescued by Boxers and Buddies in Reno. Soon after arriving in Reno, he was adopted by a couple who gave him a good home for the past four years. However, circumstances changed, and they could no longer afford to look after him, despite the fact that they truly loved him. And so he returned to Boxers and Buddies, where he hopes to find a new home. Donnie is one of the most gentle and caring dogs we have ever seen, and he desperately deserves a new family to call his own.”

As you may have guessed, Adonis didn’t have the best history. All of his teeth have been filed down flat, there are scars on his head and and holes in his ears. He was most likely used as a “bait” dog for fighting dogs to attack as practice. Lucky for Donny, he doesn’t remember this part of his life. A sweet, silly boy,  Adonis lives for the moment.

Adonis is shy at first but loves all people. He is very gentle and sweet. His favorite toy is his food or water dish! He likes to pick it up and throw it around in the yard.

He is fairly calm and already housebroken to a dog door. For the past 8 months, Donny has been living in a foster home with ELEVEN other dogs and does just fine. He get along with everyone and is a joy to have around.